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5 Elements for QAPI Element 1- Design & Scope • Ongoing & Comprehensive • Full range of services & departments • Addresses clinical care, quality of life, resident choice, and care transitions • Aims for safety while promoting autonomy • Goals & measures are based on best available evidence • Will have written QAPI plans with all five elements.

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12 steps to QAPI: Step 1: Leadership. 12 steps to QAPI: Step 2: Teamwork. 12 steps of QAPI: Step 3: Self-assessment. 12 steps to QAPI: Step 4: Guiding principles. Nell Griffin. Nell Griffin, EdM, CHC, CPHQ is a Healthcare Quality Improvement Facilitator. An experienced LPN and TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer, she has a master’s degree in.

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QAPI committee collects and evaluates data from a variety of sources, e.g., Quality Measures, Customer Satisfaction, Performance Improvement Tool, etc. QAPI committee meets monthly to identify opportunities for improvement based on the evaluation of the data QAPI Committee assigns a Performance Improvement Project (PIP) and a PIP Team to.

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Committee (QAPI) for internal Quality Assurance purposes only. Corporate QAPI Agenda and Meeting Minutes Facility: Meeting Date: Meeting Facilitator: Time: Vision Statement: Mission Statement: Core Values: Our QAPI Purpose: Members Name Title Attendance (√) President & COO ☐ Executive VP of Operations ☐ ☐VP of Human Resources.

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QAPI Tools In a collaborative effort with the University of Minnesota and Stratis Health, subject matter experts, consumer groups, and nursing home stakeholders, CMS created "process" tools that may be used to implement and apply some of the basic principles of QAPI.

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